Casa Bansella

The former winery of Casa Bansella is located on top of a hill ridge, surrounded by vineyards and right outside of the small village of Agliano Terme. The oldest part of the house dates back to the 17th century and over the following centuries, when the region became more prosperous, the families living there kept expending with more storage rooms for wine preservation and a large barn to keep animals.

The historical residence is kept as our own, private, family holiday house and the the former barn and storage rooms have been renovated and rebuild to suit the stay of groups for up to 10 adults. The guest part of the house is completely separate from the rest of the house, with private bedrooms, a large living room and both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Both the private as the guest residencies share the garden but it is large enough and set up in such a way that both houses have their own private area with a large terras shaded by overgrown grape plants.

Also there is a large swimming pool for everyone to enjoy.

With the space that we found in the production part of the house we have created a spacious and comfortable guest house suitable for the hot summer seasons and the cold and cosy winter season.

There are 5 spacious private bedrooms, 3 of which with private bathrooms and a direct entrance to the garden. 2 bedrooms are set up next to each other above the indoor kitchen and share 1 bathroom. There is also a 70m2 living room with an amazing view on the garden and windows towards the north form which, with clear weather, you can see the Alps.

There is a 5th bathroom accessible from the garden, perfectly located for when you are having dinner outside or when you are hanging out at the swimming pool

During the summers, we figured you want to maximize your time outside. Therefor we saw it as crucial to add some outdoor facilities to the house.

During the day, when the Italian sun is at its peak, having a swimming pool is no unnecessary luxury. Therefor building one was on the top of our priorities. For 2 years now it has been possible for us and our guests to escape the heat of the day and take a refreshing dip while enjoying the view over the region.

And over the past spring, we have added an outdoor kitchen to the guest part of the house. Cooking and eating together is an important part of any stay in Italy and the opportunity to do this in the open air ensures that the kitchen again becomes the central meeting place for every moment of the day.

A side view of the house:

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