The garden

The swimming pool

The swimming pool is a central part of any summer stay in Italy, Luckily at Casa Bansella, we have a large pool, with a beautiful view over the surrounding hills. There are sun loungers and parasols for everyone to use and there is a small sitting area where you can play games, have a small bite to eat, or enjoy your afternoon Aperol Spritz.

The outdoor kitchen and terrace

Over the spring of ’21 we build our own outdoor kitchen and terrace. Ever since it is finished it became the central hang out place during the day.

The kitchen is build underneath a part of the house that was used to store machinery and fire wood. This way it is protected by the rain, covered by the roof. but still completely open towards the garden. We repaved the floor with concrete and installed old plates of marmer as countertops. Along with basic utilities like a sink, gas stove and fridge we had to build a wood oven, an unmissable part of any Italian outdoor kitchen.

The terrace is build next kitchen and rests in front of the two ground floor rooms. The terracotta tiles are made in the region and pergola is build by a local blacksmith. The grape vines overgrowing it is from a plant

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