As you will soon notice, the house is located in one of the most important wine regions in Italy. In the area you will find dozens of small-scale wine producers. We therefore highly recommend for those who want to go out and do a wine tasting. This is not only a fun experience but you will also get the chance to buy wine directly from the farmer.

To start with, we have arranged a small selection of our own favorite wines and wine producers. You can taste these at our home and if you like more you can always visit them to discover more of their wines.


Literally two doors down from Casa Bansella is the winery of the Castino family, run by Samuel and his father Angelo. They have been incredibly inviting to us ever since we arrived and they have been spoiling us with their wonderful wines.

From their Castino we have four different wines in stock:

  • We have their Nizza red wine, their most elite vintage produced following strict rules regarding growing, harvesting and aging to make a wine which can easily compete with the famous Barolo.
  • We have the Arneis white wine. A very dry, fresh and mineral wine made from the Arneis grapes. A local species which gets its specific taste grom the the mineral rich soils on which it grows.
  • We also have their Grignolino red wine. Grignolino is a very local grape grown particularly in the region of Asti. It is very light red wine which is usually drunk slightly cooled but, due to tannins it still has a lot of bite.
  • And we have their spumante, a easy and light sparkeling white wine, perfect to drink or to mix for an Aperol spritz.


The Carussin farm is located outside of the village of San Marzano Oliveto, just a few hills away from Casa Bansella and simply a lovely place to visit. Along with natural wines they have a teaching farm and a micro beer brewery. The brothers Luca and Matteo are warm hosts and all through the summer they organize different events on their property. Along with wine tastings we really recommend to go for lunch or dinner which they base strictly on biodynamic and natural products.

From Carussin we have two different wines in stock:

  • Sisto is a natural red wine made from the Nebbiolo grape. Due to the non-interventional production method the wine is expressive in taste and gives a very natural experience of the Nebbiolo grape.
  • We also have their natural rose made from 100% Barbera grapes. An experiment from last year in and in our eyes a great succes. The rose is fresh and tasteful and due to the fermentation on the bottle it has a light sparkle. Our personal favorite wine!


The Filippa family has been running the winery Azienda Agricola Filippa for over five generations, located within walking distance of the house. They almost exclusively produce wines made from grapes that are unique to the region.

From their winery we have two different wines in house:

  • The Cortese grape makes a fine, dry, white wine that is excellent at quenching thirst at the hottest time of the day.
  • In addition, we have a their rose made from 100% Barbera, which makes it fresh, bold and very tasteful.

Matteo, the youngest of the generations who runs the business with his father is very nice and speaks good English. If you want to taste more of their selection you are always welcome to visit the winery or he would also like to visit Casa Bansella

Poderi Rosso Giovanni

Poderi Rosso Giovanni is a winery run bij Lionello with its cellars in the center of Agliano Terme. Lionello is a true master of the Barbera and his red wines are arguably the best in the region. Moreover he is a really nice guy and very involved in the city council so when you visit him he can tell you exactly what else is happening in the area.

From his collection we have three red wines:

  • The silver labeled Cascina Perno is a blend of steel and wooden aged Barbera grapes. This gives the wine both the richness in taste of the wooden casks as the fruitiness it keeps due to aging in steel tanks.
  • The golden labeled Carlinet is 100% Barbera aged in wooden casks. This gives the wine a full body and rich taste and goes perfect with a cheese, red meat and pasta’s.
  • The black labeled Infine is a blend between Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These are varieties that perfectly compliment each other and creates a elegant and accessible red wine.

Vinchio Vaglio

In Italy there is a large scene of Cantina Sociale. These are cooperative wineries where independent farmers bring their grapes to produce wines collectively. These cantina’s usually have a wide range wines and grapes and are very competitive in their prices.

From the Vinchio Vaglio we have two different wines:

  • We have the Alta Langa docg, a very specific, compex and tasteful spumante brut made from the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. The wine is produced using the methodo classico which means the bottels have to be aged for at least 30 months to guarantee the natural fermentation process.
  • Also we have the Pinot Noir, a nice, light red wine which is really easy to drink and perfect during the appitizers.

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