The rooms



The rooms in the house are set up to accommodate comfortable living space for groups up to 10 adults in every season of the year. This means that there are 5 spacious bedrooms, 3 of which with their own bathroom facilities and 2 bedrooms who share one spacious bathroom. Moreover there is a cozy kitchen and large living room equipped with underfloor heating and with an amazing view over the valley. The names of the rooms refer to the colored Algerian tiles we installed next to the entrance doors.


These are 2 rooms build within the former storage rooms of the winery. Both rooms are spacious, with their own private bathrooms. The storage rooms are partly build underground, which was perfect for the climate control of the wines during the heat of the summer and still really comfortable for the people sleeping there. Also, both rooms have wide opening doors towards the garden and the terrace, which makes your route to the swimming pool or the breakfast table the shortest.

Room RED

Room RED, or The Balcony Room, is the most eastern bedroom of the house. The room is on the first floor, next to the hayloft and provides a beautiful view over the wine fields east of the house with early dawn. The room also has a private entrance towards outdoor kitchen. In the room you will find a double bed and a private bathroom.


Room WHITE is located on the west side of the house, above the indoor kitchen and on the first floor. After the you take the stairs you will find a small hallway which leads to 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The bedroom at the end of the hall has a double bed and a small balcony towards the garden. The second bedroom has 2 single beds and window towards the north.

The HAYLOFT and the kitchen

Moreover in the of the house you will find a fully equipped kitchen with a small dining table and a large 70 m2 hayloft, with a beautiful view over the garden the valies with a sitting area and a large table with enough seating for large groups.

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